Our Vision

"Our vision is to be Central India's premier tertiary care facility for cancer, pioneering excellence in treatment, research, and education. We aim to be patients first choice for cancer care in the region, offering holistic, innovative, and compassionate treatment while advancing groundbreaking research and cultivating the next generation of healthcare leaders."

Key Components:

1. Premier Tertiary Care Facility: Aspires to be the top-level care provider in cancer treatment for Central India patients.

2. First Choice for Cancer Patient Care: Aims to be the go-to institution for all cancer-related needs in Central India.

3. Holistic, Innovative, and Compassionate Treatment: Focuses on all-round patient well-being through cutting-edge treatments and empathetic care.

4. Groundbreaking Research: Committed to making significant strides in cancer research.

5. Next Generation of Healthcare Leaders: Emphasizes the importance of education and training in oncology, aiming to produce skilled professionals in the field.


Our Mission

"Our mission is to set the standard for cancer care in Central India by providing world-class tertiary services that include advanced treatment options, research initiatives, and educational programs. We are committed to a multidisciplinary, patient-centred approach that addresses not just the medical, but also the emotional, psychological, and social needs of our patients. Through a culture of excellence and innovation, we aim to continually improve the scope and quality of cancer care, contribute to scientific understanding, and nurture competent healthcare professionals."

Key Components:

1. Setting the Standard: Strives to be the benchmark for cancer care quality in Central India.

2. World-Class Tertiary Services: Offers an advanced range of treatments, research options, and educational programs.

3. Multidisciplinary, Patient-Cantered Approach: Incorporates a comprehensive method for patient care involving medical and non-medical facets.

4. Culture of Excellence and Innovation: Encourages an organizational culture focused on constant improvement and adoption of new technologies and methods.

5. Contribute to Scientific Understanding: Engages in research activities that add valuable knowledge to the field of oncology.

6. Nurture Competent Healthcare Professionals: Focuses on educational programs to train the healthcare leaders of tomorrow.

By adhering to these Vision and Mission statements, the institution aspires to be Central India’s most reputable and effective centre for tertiary cancer care, research, and education.