Surgical Oncology Department


Our mission is to establish a Centre of Excellence for Cancer Care in Central India, transcending socioeconomic barriers and delivering cutting-edge, evidence-based, and multidisciplinary management for cancer patients.


In the annals of medical history, surgery once reigned as the solitary recourse against cancer. Yet, across the past century, an array of alternative approaches has emerged, working alongside surgery and sometimes even offering alternative options for certain organs. The exclusive dominion of surgery in treating solid tumors has ceded ground to the prominence of multimodal therapy, now the gold standard for most cancers.

A surgical oncologist, beyond mastering surgical techniques for cancer removal, possesses an intimate grasp of the disease's biology and progression. They also appreciate the collaborative efforts contributed by various medical disciplines to enhance patient care. This transformative phase marks the evolution of a surgeon into a surgical oncologist. Their expertise encompasses the management of a wide range of tumors throughout the body, excluding brain tumors which fall within the realm of neurosurgery.

The inception of the Surgical Oncology Department at Chirayu Medical College & Hospital dates back to ---------------, characterized by an unwavering commitment to administering "Evidence-Based Management" across all cancer types, utilizing available resources judiciously. Regular gatherings of proficient professionals from Surgical, Medical, and Radiation Oncology, alongside Pathologists and Radiologists, convene to deliberate tailored treatment strategies for each patient in the Oncology outpatient divisions. When needed, specialists from other disciplines join these deliberations. Inclusive care is further cemented through the active participation of the Palliative Care team in these multidisciplinary team meetings, ensuring a seamless continuum of patient care.